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This film has impacted thousands of lives, been screened at numerous JRDF, Medtronic and other Type 1 diabetes events as well as top film festivals...teens respond to other teens, and this film is the proof.
This film is your chance to hear

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Do you know a teen with Type 1 diabetes? This film is your chance to hear what they will never tell you.

Hi My name is Dan Shannon, I am the director of this documentary.  Not so long ago my daughter was diagnosed with T1D just before her 16th birthday, and for the next 5 years, I followed her and other teens…this is their story.

This is not your typical lab coat medical film: Part road movie, part coming-of-age story, shot in Canada, USA, and Ecuador, it may just change the way you view the issue of diabetes. More importantly, if you know someone dealing with this, you may be in a position to really help them, it has proven itself as a tool to break the silence of teens who often times have developed knowingly or not, a destructive attitude towards themselves.

I have learned one thing making this film, people with T1D feel isolated and don’t  talk easily. We have screened it in festivals, in hospitals and in small group settings the result is always the same: young people feel all of a sudden their reality is vindicated, what they are going though, others are too. It is a great tool for parents with  T1D kids,  we have received hundreds of emails and calls about kids and young adults who really opened up after viewing the film.
My takeaway is that growing up with Type 1 requires great family support but also peer support, and teens talking about teens seems to work magic for them.
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Sweet 16 has now screened on 5 continents in English, French, Spanish, Greek, Dutch...largely due to demand from parents in those languages. We hope you can journey with us if you have a T1 teen or soon to be teen in your family.
meet the MAN  behind the FILM
Dan Shannon
My name is Dan Shannon, father of Katia, filmmaker and general T1 Dad.  We as T1 parents, have our own journey. This film seeks to showcase and balance both adult and teen perspectives.

I would recommend the film to any parent thinking they need tools to change the level of dialogue with their teen dealing with T1, or anyone say between 12-24. Lets face it, theT1d journey can cause self-image issues, depression, maybe even suicidal tendencies. The film is well received by youth audiences who get to hear out loud, what they perhaps dare not say...
It has impacted many people and we are grateful for the support we have received from community of parents who have shared their stories in the film but also at numerous JDRF screenings...

Here are some unsolicited testimonials we have received from DVD buyers and film viewers  from Facebook Sweet 16 and 411films Facebook pages
More testimonials from film screenings...
review by Gloria Olson Ross
"Wonderful film and I hope that all children who have T1D will get to see. It should be shown at the Children’s hospital as well as the diabetic camps for children with T1D. I was very impressed with the film."
review by Karen Kouri
Thank you for the courage to tell your story…it was powerful
not only for my type 1 son, but his brother and myself

"Just watched the DVD with my son who was diagnosed at age 18 and has had T1 for 3 years, very emotional for me and a 'must view' for any family with a teen diagnosed. An eye opener for those living in third world countries with T1, life shouldn't be that difficult to obtain insulin to keep you alive. Well done Katia and family, keep up the great work!"

Deb Louden - Facebook post on Sweet 16 page

The trailer made me cry. We are so thankful for the medical care our type 1 child receives.  This year I pledge to utilise our extra insulin in helping others by giving them the tool to live.  I could not imagine if this was OUR family...

Michelle Essenmache - Facebook post on Sweet 16 page

What a powerful film, it has really made me cry, my son was diagnosed at age of 2yrs, he's now 10, I will never stop hoping and praying for a cure for this awefull and misunderstood condition, really great film. X

Annette Whyte - 411films Facebook page
What's inside the DVD •
The DVD contains a 76minute film, the trailer as well as chapters organized for quick reference to key sections for workshops and group sessions.
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • If you are a T1 youth., you are NOT ALONE, the film showcases frank discussions on how to move forward with T1D
  • If you are at T1 parent, you will discover other parents and have a great tool for sharing in a non-medical way, what your child is going through
  • If you are a heath care professional or social worker, you will certainly find this film a great addition to your tools for communicating with parents and teens in need of T1D information.
-Diagnosis as a Teen
Science of Diabetes
-Global Diabetes
-Discovering Ecuador

-Parents, Teens and Freedom
-Pushing the boundaries
-Searching for a CURE
-Beyond Diabetes
"In my view, Sweet 16 is a documentary which has  lent a voice to teens dealing with Type 1 diabetes. We have seen it help countless families re-engage the discussion on how to thrive with Type 1, how to improve parent-teen communications and move beyond the disease."  -Dan Shannon T1 dad and filmmaker
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